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New Roof vs Repairs

What do most people do when they notice a leak coming from their roof? Typically, they call on a professional roofer to assess damages and pinpoint the root cause of the leak. Sadly, homeowners are frequently given misinformation which can take a potentially simple solution and turn it into a big problem.

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Wind-Driven Rains

Here in the Midwest,  during the spring and the summer, we get A LOT OF RAIN with strong winds. You will probably get some weird, never before seen leaks and think that your roof needs to be replaced, or have a contractor say you need it replaced. Most of the time it’s a vent or a piece of flashing, but because of the irregular winds of the spring, you haven’t seen that water leak before. This weird wind is usually out of the East and has a heavy rain.

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Common Misconceptions about Roofing and Siding

Homeowners always ask me whether a certain shingle or siding repels water better than the other. You may be surprised to hear that no matter what you have on your roof or siding, water is still going to find its way below or behind it. We in the construction industry have common sayings; Mother nature will always win, water follows the path of least resistance.

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